“In order to receive money from the VA to pay for care, you have to be spending money on care.”

This is often a dilemma for many people, particularly those with limited or modest resources. Actually, it can cause someone with above-average assets to procrastinate and not get the care they need—the care that will improve their lives.

Here are some simple steps to help remove the uncertainty of whether you will be approved for VA benefits.

Step 1:  Have the original or certified copy of their discharge papers and have it reviewed by a qualified advisor to be sure that there is qualifying war-time service. Not having this copy is the number-one reason for a claim being delayed or even denied. By having this in hand, the problem is eliminated.

Step 2:  Have the doctor report completed and have a VA-accredited agent or VSO review the doctor report to be sure that it is completed properly and legibly, with at least two ADLs listed. Also, have a diagnosis that supports the reason that the patient has the need for two ADLs.

Step 3: Have the claim completed by an experienced and knowledgeable accredited agent or VSO. The claims process is constantly evolving, the VA makes changes all the time and if someone is not actively filing claims on an ongoing basis, there would be no way to know what these changes are, and what the VA is looking for or focused on at this time.

With these steps, your  will have peace of mind that you will qualify .